Monthly Round-Up: February 2018

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I set myself a whole bunch of goals at the end of last month. With some things, I exceeded even my own expectations. Others I didn't even get started on. And with my new non-perfectionist mindset—that's okay! Or at least, I'm learning to be okay with it. So here's the recap, and what I'm working towards in March.


I stayed very motivated this month, to the point where I feel like I need to take it down a gear or two in March! I have very nearly finished styling our guest house which I was actually planning on doing over time, but once things started coming together, it was hard to stop that creative flow. We even cut down some IKEA HEJNE shelving units to make custom storage for the loft. It houses all our guitar cases and my sewing equipment, and I am so thrilled with the result!

IKEA HEJNE Shelving Hack in Loft Space - guitar storage - That Homebird Life Blog

IKEA HEJNE Shelving Hack in Loft Space - guitar storage - That Homebird Life Blog

You can see a few more photos over on Instagram, and I am hoping to do the big reveal in a couple of weeks, once I've finished the last few things and photographed the space.

I have done the heavy work for my pantry organization project—I need to pop to IKEA to grab a few containers to pretty things up and I'm (im)patiently waiting for my Embossing Label Maker to arrive, so I can finish the job.

Pantry organization in progress - That Homebird Life Blog

It wasn't even on my to-do list, but I gave our kitchen cabinets a quick purge and organize a couple of weekends ago. It has given me the motivation to keep purging and simplifying on the fly—sometimes it's easier to just get stuck into something without having to make a plan.

Target Hearth and Hand Stoneware Mugs with Project 62 Glassware - That Homebird Life Blog

We have worked hard on our backyard this month, thanks to some gorgeous weather. Since writing the blog post, our fence has been finished and our hot tub is in the correct location, so things are moving forward—hurrah!

Backyard in progress - hot tub installation - That Homebird Life Blog

And I have also been working on my first official client design project! Some good friends are renovating their home and asked me to help them with design choices. I am really enjoying the process, and things are coming together beautifully. I'll be sharing more when the project is completed.

Client home renovation in progress - That Homebird Life Blog

Lessons Learned:

I think this month I maybe pushed it a little too much. There were several times when my head was elsewhere and I found it difficult to connect with my family because I was so absorbed in my creative flow. So, I guess the lesson I am embracing that good things take time...there really is no race or deadline. Taking a break will most likely help my creativity, rather than hinder it.


Wellness has looked a little more like moderation this month—and I'm fine with that. I knew my "no give" policy wouldn't be sustainable in the long-term, but I think a month of being very strict on iPhone usage, routine, eating habits and exercise has set me off on the right path going forward:

  • I have naturally found a healthier balance with using my phone and social media for specific purposes. The only problem is that the habitual checking is coming back slowly as I am using my phone more—it's not something that is causing me anxiety at this stage, but it's something that I want to be mindful of.
  • My weekly rhythm is still working well, and it is such a relief to wake up and know what I have planned for the day. Our rest days (Sundays) are getting easier and the kids are getting used to the concept of it. We had a beautiful day at the beach last Sunday which was so life-giving and such precious family time.

Family Sabbath at the beach - That Homebird Life Blog

  • I've been doing my Whole30 Reintroductions (starting with alchohol, obvs) and have discovered that I am sensitive to gluten. Since avoiding it almost completely, my digestion is way better and my energy levels are noticeable difference.
  • Training is going well for my 15K. I have also been attending new fitness classes which is a big step for me. I am working out most days because I feel good doing it, rather than because I feel like I 'should'—so that's pretty awesome.

Lessons Learned:

If last month was a total mind and body detox, then this month has been more about learning to listen to my body and make wise decisions. I wouldn't say that it's something I've mastered, but I'm definitely becoming more in tune with my body and my limitations.



  • Complete the final finishing touches of the guest house, and photograph it so I can finally share it!
  • Complete the pantry organization project.
  • I didn't work on simplifying the kids toys last month, as I am still working through "Simplicity Parenting" by Kim John Payne—it's a great read so far and I want to make sure I have digested the concepts fully before going into the purging process. It's something I may get started on in March.
  • My big project for this month will be going through all our paper clutter. We have a good system in place, but it needs updating and I'm sure there is a ton of stuff that can be thrown out. I also need to go through the kids' artwork and update their portfolios.
  • We are planning to make a giant Jenga game and a big chalkboard for the kids area in the backyard. These will hopefully be fun family projects for the weekends!


  • I'd like to be more disciplined about staying off of my phone in the evenings and on weekends. I can feel the bad habits creeping in a-slowly and I just want to nip it in the bud before I find myself in the same spot as I was in before Christmas. I think that having designated "phone-free" times will help with that a lot.
  • My 15K race is on March 10th, which means that I won't be in training mode afterwards. I would like to keep exercising regularly, even if the intensity decreases somewhat.

So that's another month wrapped up—I hope yours was life-giving and fulfilling. Now let's do this, March!

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