An Easy and Inexpensive Way to Cover up an Electrical Panel

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When we built the guest house in our backyard, we also had to update our small electrical panel to accommodate the extra breakers. Actually, I think it was the addition of the hot tub that pushed us over the limit of our old panel, but hot tub or no hot tub—it was a good idea to upgrade it as we had added so much square footage to the house. Of course, the new panel was a lot larger than the old one, and so I wanted to find something that would cover up the utalitarian (read: ugly) panel.

If you've been reading this blog from the start, you may remember we used to have our girls' artwork displayed to cover up the old panel. I liked that solution for a time, but the pegboard wasn't large enough to fit over the new panel. Plus—I wanted something simpler, as the room was feeling a little busy and chaotic. (Isn't it funny how our tastes and needs can change in such a short time?!)

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Old Pegboard Display Board for Kids Artwork

The roadblock I was facing was that I couldn't find anything easily removable so that we could access the panel, and something narrow enough that it wouldn't obstruct the light switches.

Existing electric panel

So how did I hide my electrical panel?

Thankfully, due to a stroke of luck and good fortune, I came across a hanging note roll on Amazon. When I saw the measurements, I couldn't believe how perfect it would be for this spot!

I had also been planning on painting the back of our side door for a while, and used some leftover paint from the girls' closet doors.

Painting the back of the door in Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

To finish the project, I got rid of the busy yellow doormat that I'd bought in a hurry when we moved in, and replaced it with a simple seagrass mat.

The finished project

New seagrass doormat

The finished project

These hanging note rolls come in a few different sizes and you can also purchase replacement paper rolls. Now we have a spot as a family to write little notes to each other, and I love that we can just roll it up when we need access to the panel! With it being Thanksgiving, we've been using it as a way to practice daily gratitude, but I'm thinking we could switch up the theme depending on the season.

Kids using hanging note roll

Hanging note roll

Kids using hanging note roll

All in all, this was a fun, quick pre-Thanksgiving project to freshen up a spot in my home that has been bugging me for ages! A lot of projects take me a long time to plan and implement, but sometimes it's possible to update a space in an afternoon. I'd encourage you to look around your own home and see if there is a spot you could improve without too much graft or budget—it's an uplifting thing to do and you may find a creative solution to a problem in your home that surpises you!

Before and after shots

April 2020 Update

I recently gave my hanging note roll a little update to give it a more streamlined look. I had seen this version in a friend's house and liked that it was matte black and had a bar rather than clips to secure the bottom of the paper. I knew the asethetic would work better in my mudroom than the one I have, but I couldn't justify purchasing a brand new one.

So I went to Lowes and purchased a small pieces of trim which just happened to be the exact right size (a 1/4 inch x 1 1/2 inch x 2 feet poplar board) and only cost me around a dollar! I painted it black using some leftover paint, and painted the top wall mount and pole to match. Then after a coat of polyurethane, I attached the bottom bar to the wall with a couple of washers between the wall and the bar to provide a small gap for the paper to feed through.

Finally, I updated the kraft paper with our new Green Family Rules:

Updated hanging note roll

What do you think of the update—not bad for a dollar and some leftover paint, right?! We've been working on these rules with the kids during this season of homeschooling and it's helpful to have them in a place that we can all see them to remind ourselves.

If you like the more modern look but would prefer a less hands-on route than I took, you could simply purchase the modern hanging paper version, but this worked out a lot cheaper and I think it's definitely a comparable look:

There is also this version which is a little cheaper, and has an inbuilt paper cutter at the bottom:

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an easy way to cover up an electrical box

an easy way to cover up an electrical box

an easy way to cover up an electrical box

an easy way to cover up an electrical box


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